Examples from classtools.net

10 December 2007

This is a fishbone diagram created at www.classtools.net. I’ve taken an area of my own subject (Physics) as an example.

fishbone diagram - click for full size

Use the fishbone to map ideas as I have done here or you could introduce the diagram as a method of sharing or establishing success criteria with pupils.

I have recorded a screencast that shows you how to create a fishbone diagram.  This video is about 5 minutes long and you can see it here

The post-it tool can be used with an interactive whiteboard to identify different aspects within an image. Here is an example from History of colour-coded post-its used to label a medieval doom painting.

picture of Hell

(example courtesy of Heather Hunter at the International School of Toulouse)

The formative assessment book by Shirley Clarke referred to in the podcast is called “Formative Assessment in the Secondary Classroom”.

Formative Assessment in the Secondary Classroom - Shirley Clarke

Formative Assessment goes under several different names – it may be known as Assessment for Learning, A4L or AifL in your local authority.