EdtechRoundup 2

The second EdtechRoundup podcast is out. This episode is hosted by Tom Barrett and John Johnston.

In the Edtech Roundup we discuss Voices of The World, Tumblr and the ManyVoices Twitter writing project.

In the main section of the podcast we discuss Sharing a Google Spreadsheet in class and using digital cameras for blogging video of classroom activities.

[Audio http://edtechroundup.wikispaces.com/space/showimage/edtechroundup_2.mp3%5D

Or direct link to ETRU 2 (right click to download).

The shownotes on del.icio.us


6 Responses to EdtechRoundup 2

  1. […] second EdTechRoundup podcast is now edited and available for your listening pleasure. This time around we have the smooth sounds […]

  2. […] Johnston and Tom Barrett show no signs of difficult second album syndrome in the second EdTechRoundup show.  The show begins with brief introductions from the hosts, followed by the ICT buffet, where […]

  3. […] am pleased to announce the second of our EdTechRoundup podcasts is available for you to listen to. In this episode yours truly is at the helm alongside John […]

  4. J Williams says:

    you will love this!!

    I just tried to listen to the podcast, however our school filter has kicked in!

    These things are more of a hinderness than anything else! (in case your wondering we have got the dreaded SWGFL)

    Oh well guess i will have to wait till i get home

  5. Great idea – could you put a short post / table just giving the time that each section is discusses. This would make it really easy to jump around the podcast to the parts you’re interested in.

    Keep up the good work


  6. Hi Steve,
    That is a great idea, I’ll bring it up at the next flashmeeting.

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