15 days of Google answers – day 5

We’ve reached the 5th day of our series featuring the answers we received from the UK Google Education Apps team. Our question today was submitted by Ian Stuart, Principal Teacher of Technology and Design and ICT Coordinator at Islay High School.
“Where do Google see education in 5 years time? What products do they predict will be important?” – Ian Stuart

Google replied:

Well we don’t have a crystal ball but we do think that working in groups and providing tools that support collaboration will be increasingly important. Pupils today are very tech-savvy and they will increasingly expect access to email and to work collaboratively in school or college in the same way that they share photos, participate in conversations on the web and make ideas available to others in their day-to-day interaction with the Internet. With the cost barrier now removed, schools and universities can provide the type of technology which may have a positive impact on the way pupils and teachers work and interact with each other. This could have an impact on everything from how lessons are taught to the way homework is set, marked and delivered. In short, we hope technology in education will become a lot easier and user-friendly in the coming years.

One Response to 15 days of Google answers – day 5

  1. If creating a website is too advance or too expensive, Educators should consider using Pageflakes. Anyone can create a page (or mulitple pages) and share it with a group or have it public for anyone. If an educator already has a domain name, they can just have it linked to their specific Pageflakes URL.

    The service is free, so it can really be a money and time saver!

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