15 days of Google answers – day 9

google_earth_art.gifThis is day 9 in our series of 15 days of Google answers. Neil Winton, Principal Teacher of English at Perth Academy (that’s Perth in Scotland, not the Australian one) wanted to know “How does Google Earth decide which areas are to have their imagery updated and the resolution improved? (And how often does this happen?)” – that’s two questions, Neil!

Google replied:
We work with a number of satellite imagery partners from around the world who provide us with the amazing imagery in Google Earth and we update that imagery in Google Earth on an ongoing basis, depending on when it is available to us. If you want to be kept in the loop about new updates to areas around the globe then check out the Lat Long blog here: http://google-latlong.blogspot.com/

One Response to 15 days of Google answers – day 9

  1. Techyturner says:

    Thank you Neil for asking the question I had about Google Maps every time I use it or Google Earth. From now on, I will TRY to keep up with the updates using the blog.

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