EdTechRoundup – podcast episode 3

PodcastDue to work commitments and other things it’s taken longer than we’d have liked to get the third episode of EdTechroundup’s series of podcasts available for download. This was actually recorded a couple of weeks back and comes in at a shade over half-an-hour. Enjoy! 😀


You can listen to the podcast by using the controls above and subscribe to the series of podcasts by clicking on the orange RSS icon in the right-hand sidebar. Alternatively, download the MP3 file directly by clicking here.

EdTechRoundup 3


This show is very much a battle of the web 2.0 heavyweights, blogs and wikis.




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3 Responses to EdTechRoundup – podcast episode 3

  1. […] delighted to announce that (eventually!) EdTechRoundup Podcast Episode 3 is now available for your listening pleasure. It’s around 33 minutes long and is centered […]

  2. Lisa says:

    Loved episode 3 Doug and Kristian – particularly the gong :o)
    Seriously- helpful discussion about the pros and cons of wikis and blogs, and I loved the relaxed atmosphere – sounded like you were having a good chat in which i was involved.

  3. Doug Belshaw says:

    Good! Glad you enjoyed it, Lisa. 🙂 I liked playing about with the effects in Garageband – hence the gong…

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