EdTechRoundup – podcast episode 4


Sinclair Mackenzie and Doug Belshaw are your hosts this time around with the subject being Internet Safety. The podcast features an interview with Ollie Bray, an expert on the subject and a guy who’s both interesting and doing fantastic things in Scotland at the moment. The podcast’s around 35 minutes long – we look forward to your feedback! 😀


You can listen to the podcast by using the controls above and subscribe to the series of podcasts by clicking on the orange RSS icon in the right-hand sidebar. Alternatively, download the MP3 file directly by clicking here.

The del.icio.us links for this show are available at the following location: http://del.icio.us/edtechroundup/etr4

5 Responses to EdTechRoundup – podcast episode 4

  1. […] got a tweet from Doug Belshaw to say that the EdTechRoundUp show I recorded with him has been uploaded.  This is the fourth ETR show and it’s the first time that Doug and I have worked together […]

  2. Shamblesguru says:

    This is not working for me … it says ‘undefined’ .. is it working for others … of just my Thai connection/ISP?

  3. Doug Belshaw says:

    That’s bizarre. Seems to be working fine here. Let us know if it’s remains unavailable…

  4. Shamblesguru – do you get this error when you try to play the show by clicking on the arrow button or when you try to download using the link? Have you tried another browser?

  5. […] working with parents is an excellent one 2. I’ve been conscious of it since listening to the Edtechroundup podcast with Ollie Bray and I would have thought the kind of ideas he’s suggesting would be an […]

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