EdTechRoundup – podcast episode 5

EdTechRoundup - podcast episode 5The fifth podcast in the series by the EdTechRoundup team is a little different. This time around we’ve recorded a special discussion we had around the subject of VLEs and the Scottish GLOW network during one of our Sunday night FlashMeetings. Everyone is invited to these and the podcast features some of the core members as well as a number of those who had dropped in for the first time.

As a result of the more free-form discussion, the podcast weighs in at around the 55 minute mark. There’s some great insights from Moodle expert Ian Usher and, as always, input from a diverse range of educators. 🙂


You can listen to the podcast by using the controls above and subscribe to the series of podcasts by clicking on the orange RSS icon in the right-hand sidebar. Alternatively, download the MP3 file directly by clicking here (27.3MB).

Del.icio.us linksThe del.icio.us links for this show are available at the following location: http://del.icio.us/edtechroundup/etr5


(Intro/outro taken from What We Want! by Alice Russell from her album My Favourite Letters)

9 Responses to EdTechRoundup – podcast episode 5

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  4. Bob Hill says:

    I found the podcast very interesting. I have been training teachers for a few weeks in the use of Glow and it is very exciting. However, the VLE, Glow Learn, could to my mind provide a let out for some teachers. It can be used to set up homework, monitor pupils progress and even mark the homework. If it is just used like that it will not changing Learning and Teaching but will allow an ICT box to be ticked.

    Glow Groups on the other hand is something of a misnomer. I prefer to call them a virtual workplace in that they can be set up to provide all the elements of a workplace, resources either through the VLE, file store or weblinks, discussion area, project or work management, live discussion through chat or video conferencing and much more. This then allows active learning with pupils doing their own research and information sifting, documenting their approach and outcomes, collaborating, using their initiative, all closely guided adn monitored by the teacher but as facilitator not dictator. I am glad to say that many of the teachers I have trained do see the virtues of this approach to learning and it is a small minority who reject it even as a desirable goal.

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  7. Ray Tolley says:

    re EdTechRoundup 5

    I was very surprised by the number of questions that suggested a real lack of understanding of VLEs and e-Portfolios etc.

    I’m not claiming to know everything but how about looking at the relevant sections on my website? There are quite a number of schools and Authorities who are doing exemplary work with their VLEs.

    BTW at my last count there are at least 25 different VLEs being used in schools apart from the DIY Moodlers.

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