ETR Weekly #5 – Interactive Whiteboards, Isle of Wight Conference, Organising ICT CPD

This week, several of our regular participants were still travelling home from the  2008 Isle of Wight Conference when we recorded the show.  Dai Barnes did a great job standing in for regular host Doug Belshaw.  We spoke briefly about interactive whiteboards before Joe Dale, organiser of the Isle of Wight Conference, joined us to reflect on this year’s event.  The IoW Conference FlashMeeting mentioned by Joe was recorded and can be viewed here .

Dan Needlestone led a discussion on CPD issues and the issues surrounding ICT training for teachers.

You can listen to the player below to listen to the show or, better still, get them delivered to your computer’s iTunes folder by clicking on the iTunes subscription button in the sidebar.


The multitasking Dai Barnes has collated the links discussed in the show.  You can find them all on our pages.

Louise Jones wears the wiki pixie shoes – see the notes she made for us on the ETR wiki here.


The music in this show is Silver from

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