EdTechRoundUp celebrate our 1st birthday with weekly show #6

We celebrated our 1st birthday this week with a gorgeous chocolate cake that Lisa Stevens baked for our flashmeeting.

Dai Barnes did a great job keeping us on task.  In this week’s show, Lisa spoke about her trip to an eTwinning conference in Madrid and we discussed the use of audio (Voki, podcasting and Voicethread) in the classroom.

Theo Kuechel joined us to tell us about a project called Edutube that he is working on with European partners.  We discussed how video material could be made avaiable to teachers and the things that would enhance the usability of digital media in the classroom.

Tom Barrett described a lesson he had planned for using Woices in the classroom involving geotagged audio to create a digital narrative – creating a story with text and audio within a map using Google Earth.

Dai Barnes recommended itweet.net – a web client for twitter.

Tom Barrett spoke about having a Tweet Meet – a proposal for a preChristmas meet up for people using Twitter, possibly in Nottingham.

Lisa Stevens blew out the Candles on our 1st Birthday cake to a musical accompaniment from Theo.

Joe Rowing explained why he is moving his student blogs over to WordPress MultiUser from Moodle.

Links discussed in the show can be found on our del.icio.us page.

One Response to EdTechRoundUp celebrate our 1st birthday with weekly show #6

  1. Doug Belshaw says:

    Nice cake, Lisa!

    We should probably explain that we’ve only recently been releasing out weekly meetings as podcasts. The more polished, ‘shows’ were released earlier in the year. We’ll still be doing those now and again. 🙂

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