ETR Weekly #9 – Not quite a ‘blogging special’

EdTechRoundup Weekly

This week’s EdTechRoundup Weekly followed a week where a lot of people had been busy and therefore not had chance to attend. As a result there was some confusion as to whether it was a ‘blogging special’ or not. In the end, we did mention blogs and issues to do with them, along with:

  • Feedback from the MirandaMod2 (un?)conference
  • Internet filtering and Louise Jones’ Twitter poll
  • A collaborative Google Docs-powered presentation on how to use Netbooks effectively in the classroom
  • A discussion about online calendars, integration with Moodle, and possible ‘homework-casting’ via iTunes!


Dai Barnes is now a firm fan of Diigo for the ETR links. You can access the relevant ones from this week’s meeting here.

Lisa Stevens, a.k.a. wiki pixie herself, is in the process of updating the ETR wiki here to include the notes from the meeting.

The music sample in the podcast is taken from Alice Russell’s ‘What We Want’

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