EdTechRoundup Special – Student blogging and WordPress Multi-User (WPMU)

ETR Special“Best EdTechRoundup so far!”, “You guys are awesome!”, “I really enjoyed that discussion!” – just some of the comments by participants after last Sunday’s special on students blogging and using WordPress Multi-User (WPMU).

We had a number of participants who are experts on WPMU, including Jim Groom from the US and Dave Gilmour from East Lothian (Scotland).

Many thanks to John Johnston for grabbing the audio from the FlashMeeting!


Dai Barnes has collated the links from the show on Diigo here.


The ETR wiki page for this special meeting was, appropriately, very much a team affair! 🙂


The music sample in the podcast is taken from Alice Russell’s ‘What We Want’

6 Responses to EdTechRoundup Special – Student blogging and WordPress Multi-User (WPMU)

  1. Really enjoyed being a part of this and have spent the last 3 days setting up a WPMU site to replace my stagnant school blog. Cheers all.

  2. […] There’s a great podcast on EdTechRoundup about using WordPress MU in education and schools. […]

  3. Courtney Bentley says:

    Thanks to Jim Groom for tweeting this. We’re running a WPMu pilot at Lafayette College this term so this is most helpful and timely.

  4. […] February 5th, 2009 by Reverend This past Sunday I had the good fortune to be invited as part of a podcast to discuss using WPMu in educational institutions with a great group of educators primarily based in the UK. It was a fun discussion, and I really […]

  5. check out our districts blogging platform!

  6. […] February 2009 even bigger changes have taken place. Following a successful ’special’ on student blogging and WordPress Multi-User, I called a meeting of those for ease-of-reference I called the ‘admin team’. These are […]

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