EdTechRoundup Admin FlashMeeting

EdTechRoundup Admin FlashMeeting


EdTechRoundup is going from strength to strength. In order for this growth and success to continue, some of us felt that some planning and discussion regarding the future of the group was required. As a result, this evening a few of us who have a stake in EdTechRoundup met together via FlashMeeting to talk about the future of the group. These were:

Dai Barnes, Tom Barrett, Doug Belshaw, Joe Dale, Louise Jones, Sinclair Mackenzie, David Noble, and Joe Rowing.

A couple of others (John Johnston, Lisa Stevens) were unable to make it due to other commitments.


  1. Roadmap – where are we headed?
  2. Sustainability – allocation of roles so everyone knows who’s doing what.
  3. Guides – showing how to go about capturing audio, editing podcast, etc.
  4. Security – who is going to have access to what?
  5. Technologies – are we happy with what we use? Is FlashMeeting serving our needs?
  6. Any other business – has anyone got any other suggestions?

Decisions made:

  • Due to capacity issues with FlashMeeting we shall:
    • Ask E2BN/Open University if we can have a larger ‘room’
    • Ask those intending to attend a weekly Sunday FlashMeeting to add their name to the relevant wiki page in advance. Those beyond #25 (in the first instance) may be asked to leave in favour of those who have signed up.
  • We shall not be asking for monetary contributions for members at the moment.
  • The group shall be known by the abbreviation ETRU, being the tag to be used on blogs, wikis, etc. On Twitter, the hashtag #ETRU should be used.
  • Dai Barnes shall be in charge of passwords for EdTechRoundup accounts. He will change them regularly and inform those who need to know by way of a collaborative Google Doc.
  • As a group, we shall work towards producing guides on how to do the administrative tasks we all have a part in. This should allow enthusiastic but less technically-able newcomers to take a part in the group.
  • A new installation of WordPress somewhere on the EdTechRoundup domain (either subfolder or subdomain) shall collate posts from ETRU member blogs. These will have either been tagged ETRU or be within a category of that name. The collated posts will be displayed in excerpt form on this ‘hub’. We shall be following the model of NextGenTeachers, of which Tom Barrett and Doug Belshaw were part.

If you’d like to view/listen to the two-hour meeting, you can do so at the link below! Please add any thoughts you have in the comments section. 😀

ETRU Admin FlashMeeting

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