EdTechRoundUp Weekly #25 – How to become an ‘expert’, SMART tables & Pico projectors.

ETRU WeeklyThis week’s meeting was led by Doug Belshaw. After a quick discussion about what constitutes an ‘expert’ in the field of educational technology and how to become one (see this blog post) we moved onto Mary Cooch‘s presentation at MoodleMoot. We finished with some discussion of hardware: Tom Barrett told us about the SMART table he’s got on loan in his classroom, then Doug told us about the Optoma Pico projector in which he’s invested! 🙂

Many thanks to Tony Sheppard for grabbing the audio from the FlashMeeting!


Dai Barnes has collated the links from the meeting.

Here’s a link to the relevant ETRU wiki page for this week’s meeting.

The music sample in the podcast is taken from Alice Russell’s ‘What We Want’


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