EdTechRoundUp Weekly #28 – TeachMeet Midlands 2009, ETRU Special planning & a general edtech discussion

27 June 2009

ETRU WeeklyThis week’s meeting was led by Doug Belshaw. Those of use who attended TeachMeet Midlands 2009 (either physically, or virtually through the FlashMeeting) discussed our experiences. There was some further planning for an upcoming ETRU Special, and then the rest of our time was dedicated to general edtech news, views and opinions! 🙂

Many thanks to Tony Sheppard for grabbing the audio from the FlashMeeting!


Dai Barnes has collated the links from this week’s meeting here.


Here’s a link to the relevant ETRU wiki page for this week’s meeting.


The music sample in the podcast is taken from Alice Russell’s ‘What We Want’

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