EdTechRoundUp Weekly #44 – Get Ready for BETT Fun

14 December 2009

ETRU WeeklyThis week’s meeting was led by Dai Barnes. In this week’s meeting we talk about TeachMeet@BETT2010 and other education events in the evenings, various mentions about Google Apps including looking at the difference between Google and Live@Edu, filtering and monitoring within schools, good ways to manage courses and engage with students on VLEs, sharing Google Wave contacts and some feedback from a recent MirandaMod.


Dai Barnes has collated the links from this week’s meeting here.

Here’s a link to the relevant ETRU wiki page for this week’s meeting.

The music sample in the podcast is taken from Alice Russell’s ‘What We Want’

How we facilitated the first-ever EdTechRoundUp TeachMeet…

7 December 2009

Mosaic of #TMETRU09 participants (on Flickr)

#TMETRU09 was a fantastic evening. To my knowledge, it was not only the first-ever EdTechRoundUp TeachMeet, but the first one done solely online! Go to http://edtechroundup.wikispaces.com/TMETRU09 for all of the links and resources related to the event.

Some people have asked how we did organized a completely-online TeachMeet. Here’s a brief overview:

Well before the TeachMeet

  1. Discussed the who? what? when? where? why? questions as a group.
  2. Set up a wiki page on the TeachMeet wiki
  3. Assign roles (overview, setting up accounts, etc.)
  4. Thought up a hashtag (in this case #TMETRU09) and used it in tweets from then on
  5. Encouraged people to sign up to record a presentation or do one live.
  6. Set up a Diigo account to collate links.

Just before the TeachMeet

  1. Booked FlashMeeting.
  2. Signed up for Justin.tv for live stream.
  3. Tidied up the wiki page.
  4. Reminded those who hadn’t recorded presentations to do so.
  5. Sent out tweets building up anticipation.
  6. Tested using SoundFlower and CamTwist (Mac-only?) to stream out FlashMeeting and presentations.
  7. Discussed roles on the evening (who to host, introduce videos, etc.)
  8. Sent presenters private link to FlashMeeting.
  9. Made sure instructions for those viewing were clear on the wiki.

Evening of the TeachMeet

  1. Hosts arrive early to FlashMeeting, check everything is working OK.
  2. Last minute changes/preparations sorted.
  3. Videos checked to make sure they’re working.
  4. Barrage of tweets with hashtag sent out (add ‘Please RT!’)
  5. Press both ‘Broadcast’ and ‘Record’ at Justin.tv.
  6. Keep things light-hearted and be prepared for things to go wrong…

#TMETRU09 tonight!

6 December 2009

The first ever TeachMeet EdTechRoundUp edition is today (Sunday 6th December) 7-9pm GMT. Click on the image above for more details! 🙂