EdTechRoundUp Weekly #88 – #TEDxLondon and #DMLbadges

18 September 2011

ETRU WeeklyThis week’s podcast is a lot better than last week’s, thank goodness! Doug Belshaw, Dai Barnes, Pete Bell and Nick Dennis were around on Skype to discuss the TEDxLondon event and the launch of DML ‘badges’.

We mentioned Google Art Project right at the end of the discussion but Call Recorder for Skype managed to cut that off. Sorry.

Links mentioned:


EdTechRoundUp Weekly #87 – How NOT to record a podcast…

11 September 2011

ETRU Weekly

The should-know-better award goes to Doug Belshaw this week, who managed to not only get kicked out of Google+ several times, but also managed to record everyone else *except* himself.

As a result, this is a much shorter podcast than usual. Our apologies, we’ll be back to normal (or what substitutes for ‘normal’) soon!


EdTechRoundUp Weekly #86 – ICT curriculum, ALT-C 2011 and more!

10 September 2011

ETRU Weekly

We missed a couple of weeks (apologies!) due to various commitments. In addition, this week’s recording is both amusing and frustrating. Amusing due to the fun we had putting it together; frustrating in that the audio recording dropped due to Camtasia being more-than-averagely flaky on Dai’s Mac.

Oh well, you can’t win them all. 🙂